How can they do this?

Shane Wynn and her husband Josh Gippin are a self-employed photographer-videographer couple. Their businesses in Akron, Ohio were hit hard by COVID, forcing them to get creative. As small business owners, they became eligible for SBA (Small Business Administration) loans, which they used to by this trailer, this cool logo, and to finance this entire trip. To cover their mortgage, they rented out their house. To help defray all their costs, they started a Patreon account. The idea behind Patreon is actually a very old idea - to be a patron of the arts. Just as we pay to watch shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu, you can follow along “where the Wynns take you” by becoming a patron and getting access to their blog (photo & writings) and vlog (video) posts. Could you do this too? Absolutely! Go after your dreams…but be prepared for a lot of hard work!

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